Bring Your Leadership Vision to Life

Jonno Hanafin Associates is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping executive leaders become change agents, build high performing teams and shift their organization’s culture

Our Beliefs

  • Whatever business you are in, the only sustainable competitive advantage is to learn faster than your competition
  • Growth and comfort do not co-exist
    People develop by becoming more of who they are, not by being different than who they are
  • Every team is a group. Every group is not a team
  • We embrace the paradoxical nature of our work: people want to improve but not necessarily change. Resistance is a natural and positive source of energy for change

CEOs have three primary responsibilities: strategy, succession and culture. We enable all three. We offer services in areas where we provide a distinctive competence. 

Strategy Execution

Many of our CEO calls begin with “We just paid for a brilliant new strategy. Now what do we do?” We are human and organization process subject matter experts.

Our systems perspective and experience with large complex organization dynamics enable us to:

• Develop/implement change strategies and embed competencies for leading change and managing resistance

• Assess and redesign processes to deliver better performance

• Transform functions (e.g. HR, Growth, Customer Service, Engagement) for greater impact.

Succession and Development

Succession and Development: CEOs (and their Boards) are responsible for developing their own successor, their senior team and the next generation of leaders.

We work with senior leaders to:

• Onboard and transition CEOs and other C-level executives

• Coach executives 1-1 in a new or challenging situation

• Build high performing teams from new or existing groups

• Custom design and deliver experiential leadership development programs with guaranteed powerful impact and immediate results


The software of organizations, often undervalued when it comes to performance improvement.

We have added value by:

• Creating intentional culture in start-ups
Integrating cultures in merged and acquired entities

• Teaching how to manage the performance-learning dilemma for competitive advantage

• Converting silo’ed win-lose cultures to more externally competitive and internally collaborative ones

Our Team

Our Partners are recognized world class change practitioners, executive coaches and teachers, in demand keynote speakers, leadership scholars and published authors. They develop leaders with executive presence as change agents, convert groups into high performing teams and shift organization cultures in an integrated fashion.

Jonno Hanafin, M.B.A.

Principal: Seattle

Jonno is an internationally recognized, seasoned and insightful organizational change advisor with over 40 years experience on six Continents. He is a trusted advisor to CEOs and Boards and has facilitated organizations starting up, going global, merging, transforming cultures and developing the next generation of leaders. He is a sought after Keynote speaker on Leadership and Transformational Change who offers a unique presence and perspective that is thought provoking, engaging and entertaining. Jonno is a founder and co-Chair of the International Gestalt Organization and Leadership Development program (iGOLD.)

Mary Ann Rainey, Ph.D.

Partner: Chicago

Mary Ann has over 30 years experience working with high level leadership teams and helping organizations navigate complex change. A true scholar in Organization Behavior, she is a prolific writer and has taught change management and business ethics in doctoral programs at Case Western Reserve University and Benedictine University, as well as leadership development programs at Fortune 100 companies. Mary Ann is a founder and co-Chair of the International Gestalt Organization and Leadership Development program (iGOLD.)

Jim Kochalka, Ph.D.

Partner: New York

Jim is a clinical psychologist and executive coach extraordinaire. He has provided executive development and advisory services to business leaders and global firms for over 30 years. Through his work, including with the Young Presidents Organization (YPO,) Jim offers deep personal insight and challenging development to business founders and managing partners around the world. His unique style and wide variety of experience across diverse cultures position him as a premier developer of senior teams.

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